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The Universe is a Masterpiece!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The universe is a divine dream,

It is a miracle in itself

A mystery to be discovered.

It is the art of Higher Consciousness,

The Masterpiece of Art,

God in the Act of Creation.

It is the ocean

Of infinite depth.

Is the valley

That stretches for eternity.

It is a garden

full of seeds of life.

It is a storm,

In which the forces dance.

It is a jungle of planets

That feed their children.

It is a cosmic canvas,

On which the majesty of the sky merges.

The universe is a place

Of finding Myself.

It is the womb

In which I am being born.

It is the abyss

from which the 'I' emerges.

It is the love

that connects the whole world.

The universe is my home

The universe is in my heart.

Thank you, Universe.

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