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What is the purpose of human life? Why do we come to earth?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Who am I? Why am I living in this huge world and what is the purpose of it all? I asked myself these questions many times and looked for answers to them. I am aware that each of us can distinguish different reasons that push our lives forward. However, from a spiritual standpoint, we all came into this world with one universal purpose - It's EVOLUTION - a phenomenon that leads to the development and expansion of consciousness and to fill it with wisdom, love and peace of mind. Each of us is a spiritual being who came to Earth and incarnated in a human form to experience a spiritual evolution in the world of matter.

The goal of human life is to gain wisdom through experiences that teach universal laws. The entire universe is based on the latter. It may sound very haughty or unbelievable at first, but ultimately it is true. You can find out for yourself if you put the the knowledge that I am presenting gradually in practice.

You could say that the entire universe is a Super Organism, Oneness, Divine Father and Mother - and we are its children. Everything that exists in the Universe has the potential to teach us something useful on the path of evolution (spiritual development). Even things that appear to be unrelated to spiritual development often have hidden metaphors that turn out to be helpful in understanding spiritual issues. An example would be chemistry (science). How can chemistry teach us something about spirituality? Well, when talking about chemistry, it's hard not to mention such a phenomenon as chemical bonds. Elements with an unbalanced (unstable) number of electrons form bonds with each other, which consist in sharing energy. They do this to stabilize each other on an energetic level. However, there are elements that do not need to form such bonds because they already have a "stable" number of electrons - they are so-called Noble gases. Their peculiarity is that they combine into larger groups and are activated, which leads to the emission of light. Examples of such gases are neon, argon, and radon. Each such gas glows different colors, and we use these gases to create neon lights. Don't you see here an allegory to a karmic relationship in which two people with unstable energies enter into such a relationship to balance each other? Do you see that an "enlightened" person is a person with balanced energy who can emit high vibrations. All over the world we can find a lot of allegories and metaphors referring to and prompting us on the path of development. Perhaps if we looked at the cells how they created a harmoniously functioning organism, we would find out how to unite as humanity.

If the Universe is our teacher, what is Earth for us? We can look at it from an infinite number of perspectives, but I am going to share with you two of which I like to look at the most.

The first perspective shows the Earth as a spiritual "school", an opportunity to grow in love, peace and wisdom. In this spiritual school, we are dealing with the phenomenon of destiny - the curriculum. Everyone comes to Earth with a specific schedule, activities and topics to be redone. Some of these themes are present throughout the generation of Earthlings, while most are more personal. Each life is different and has different lessons to be learned. Destiny is a pedagogical construct that ensures that the agreed lessons are done - therefore certain life situations must happen and cannot be avoided. Everything that is outside of our destiny is subject to our free will - this is where we can decide, choose and follow various paths as we explore the Earth School. Each life experience has the potential to teach = is the opportunity to learn something about yourself and life. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself questions such as: “What is life trying to teach me now? What do I not see about myself? Why is this happening to me? What can I develop using this situation?”. Each life experience is a lesson - an opportunity for development, an opportunity to gain wisdom.

The second perspective is that the universe is like a game. It is one of the many places (worlds) where spiritual beings come, incarnating in the characters they have created. As this Universe is based on the energy of Love, the goal of the whole game is to reach the full energy of Divine Love. This is done by putting ourselves in certain "boards" and gaining experience (wisdom) in them that help us develop our character. In this way, we gain new abilities and opportunities. In this version, destiny is the plot of a given board, in which we pass missions and tests that increase our level.

No matter what point of view we look at, the Universe is a place of learning and we come to Earth for spiritual development and evolution. This is the main purpose of life.

Thank you for your attention!

Universal Matty

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